Maher Appeals Directly to Trump’s Ego to Act on Climate Change: Picture the Headline ‘Trump Saves Earth!’


Bill Maher’s New Rule segment tonight zeroed in on climate change, and the HBO comedian took the opportunity to appeal directly to President Donald Trump’s legendary vanity to beg him to reverse his stance denying the reality of man-made climate change: “Imagine the headlines: ‘Trump Saves Earth!'”

Maher linked his direct plea for Trump to the latest news about climate change, which includes the massive wildfires blazing through the Amazon rainforest, widespread melting of the ice caps, and a new United Nations Intergovernmental Climate Change report that concluded our landmasses are increasingly unable to sustain humanity.

“New rule: If Donald Trump is looking for a legacy, don’t buy Greenland — save Greenland,” Maher said to cheers and applause. “That should be your legacy, Mr. President. And I’ll tell you something else. If you get religion on global warming and become the greatest eco-warrior we’ve ever had in politics, I’ll vote for you.”

Maher’s bit traded on the fact that Trump tweeted last week that he saw the comedian’s show “by accident.”

“How do you watch an HBO show for an hour ‘by accident?'” Maher wondered to laughter. “When it was over, did you say, ‘Hey, that wasn’t Ballers?! Boy, that Bill Maher looks just like The Rock!'”

“Let me address you directly, and try to win you over with logic, because i know flattery simply will not work. You’re impervious to it — bounces off you like bullets from Superman’s chest. So i’m not gonna try that!” Maher joked. “But, sir, picture this headline: ‘Trump Saves Earth!’ Feels right, doesn’t it? And all it would take is for you to undergo a sudden, profound change, like the Grinch when he saved Christmas.”

Despite his efforts to play nice with Trump, Maher still couldn’t help himself. “I bet if you do this, the people will put your face on the $100 bill, combining your two great loves: money and you,” he said to applause. “Then, I think they will put you on Mount Rushmore. That’d be a switch, huh? Someone chiseling you.”

Watch the video above, via HBO.


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