Maher Calls Out The ‘Hypocrisy’ of Israel Critics: ‘Where Would You Rather Live in The Middle East?’


On Friday night, the Real Time panel tackled the newly-opened U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

Bill Maher began the conversation that the embassy move “caused a riot” in the Gaza Strip, but New York Times columnist Bari Weiss refuted his assertion, saying that the riots “weren’t caused by the embassy move.”

“No, I said they were linked,” Maher clarified.

“But they’re not!” Weiss shot back. “When Hamas attacked Israel in 2008, when Hamas attacked Israel in 2012, and when they had attacked Israel in 2014, the embassy was in Tel Aviv all of those times, okay?”

Weiss elaborated that these protests were taking place for six weeks and that they “intentionally” moved up the date to coincide with the embassy opening so that everyone would be “disgusted and heartbroken” when seeing the side-by-side of Ivanka Trump “looking like she was at a country club” next to “poor, desperate people dying” in Gaza.

“So let’s not fall for a trap that is being set by a theocratic authoritarian group that is sending women and children to be human shields!” Weiss exclaimed.

Maher then blasted the critics who always “worry about riots” when it comes to foreign policy with Israel and in the Middle East.

Former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin suspected that President Trump‘s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem was solely to “throw read meat” to the base because he is “increasingly vulnerable” by the Mueller probe and the upcoming midterms and added that the move could have been done as part of an “olive branch” to Palestinians.

Weiss later said that it “kills” her to see that Trump and Republican Party have turned Israel into a “right-wing issue” instead of a “progressive one” she believes it is, noting that not one Democrat attended the embassy opening.

Maher seemed to agree.

“The hypocrisy of people who have this position and like- where would you rather live in the Middle East? In Gaza under Sharia Law or Tel Aviv?” Maher asked. “It’s not your values they’re defending.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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