Fox & Friends’ Pete Hegseth Responds to Co-Host’s Claim That Innocent People Died in Gaza: ‘Meh’

Maher Calls Out The ‘Hypocrisy’ of Israel Critics: ‘Where Would You Rather Live in The Middle East?’

The Media’s Awful Coverage of the Gaza Violence is Precisely the Propaganda Hamas Desires

Nikki Haley Blames Hamas for Gaza Violence, Defends Israel: No Country ‘Would Act With More Restraint’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Slams NY Daily News ‘Daddy’s Little Ghoul’ Cover as ‘Utterly Pathetic’

Joe Scarborough Rips ‘Oblivious’ Javanka Over Gaza Violence: ‘Completely Out of Touch’ With Reality

CNN’s Phil Mudd Goes Off on Trump Over Israel: What Happened to The Art of the Deal?

John Brennan Rips Trump, Netanyahu Over Gaza Violence, ‘Utter Disregard’ for Palestinian Rights

MSNBC Panelist Makes Impassioned Remarks on Gaza Violence: ‘All Those People Are Dead’ and We’re Talking Politics

Raj Shah: Hamas to Blame for Gaza Violence, ‘A Gruesome, Unfortunate Propaganda Attempt’

Dozens of Palestinians Killed in Violent Clashes Along Gaza Strip

Largest Palestinian Newspaper at Risk of Being Banned After Interviewing Israeli Politician

Israeli Ministry Posts Cartoon Clip Mocking Foreign Journos in Gaza; Journos Respond

Thousands of Homes Now Being Razed on Gaza Strip Border, So Where’s International Media Outrage?

Journalist Starts ‘Rubble Bucket Challenge’ to Bring Attention to Gaza

‘Excuse Me! Shut Up!’: Bernie Sanders Defends Israel from Town Hall Hecklers

Joan Rivers: ‘Low IQ’ Palestinians ‘Deserve to Be Dead’

Peter Beinart and Ben Shapiro’s Fight over Israel Gets Nasty, Personal

Obama Has ‘No Sympathy’ for Hamas, ‘Great Sympathy’ for People of Gaza

MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Israel’s Attacks on Gaza Equal to Hundred 9/11s

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