Maher Rips Liberals’ ‘Symbolic Victories’: ‘You Disappeared Roseanne’ But You ‘Shame Without Governing’

Bill Maher took aim at liberals for their constant “symbolic victories” and not actual victories.

He began by mocking the various children’s books about LGBT issues and they need to be “more direct” like the book he read to his audience, Uncle Steve Likes C*ck. He then immediately told everyone not to call for his firing over his crass book.

“Look, I’m not saying there aren’t some instances where people have to go, but really, jeez,” Maher said. “For free speech, this has become a terrifying time in American history.”

Maher then cited the firing of Roseanne Barr over her racist tweet and President Trump asking for the firing of Samantha Bee for calling his daughter a “feckless c*nt.”

“Fat Donny is not the only one who demands that everyone gets fired all the time. We’ve all become too comfortable with playing the ‘clear out your desk’ card,” Maher continued. “So many things about Trump fans make me think, ‘Ugh, that doesn’t make America look good. That’s not who we are,’ but that is also true of the joy liberals also seem to take in vaporizing people and making every offense a hanging offense. Yes, you disappeared Roseanne… and it sent a strong message to all the other racist Republican TV stars who suffer from multiple personality disorder.”

The Real Time host blasted the lists made by folks on the left and the right of people they wanted to see fired and was honored to appear on many lists from both sides. He then took aim at headlines from outlets like The Huffington Post that celebrated “hollow victories” like the constant insults Mila Kunis makes about Vice President Mike Pence.

“Mike Pence thinks Mila Kunis is a greek dessert,” Maher reacted. “He doesn’t know who that is. He’s still going to be Mike Pence.”

“This country is in quite a pickle. Conservatives govern without shame and liberals shame without governing,” Maher continued. “We have lost, liberals, the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, Kanye. Our symbolic victories are the only victories we get now.”

He elaborated:

“They get to cut their own taxes, rip up the safety net, and make coal a vegetable. We get to banish actors. In ten years, the TEA Party went from nothing to controlling Congress and the White House. We made TripAdvisor stop advertising on The Laura Ingraham Show… While we were putting vaginas in formally-male movies, they were putting d*cks in State Houses. The Republicans put nine new senators in office in 2014. That was their victory. We took Al Franken out. They succeeded in suppressing the minority vote in 34 states. Meryl Streep got off an epic burn at the Golden Globes.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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