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Marianne Williamson Confronted on Mental Health Views in Tense CNN Interview: ‘I’ve Felt Very Little Respect Here’


CNN anchor Anderson Cooper questioned self-help personality and 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on her views on mental health in a marathon interview that grew tense.

Cooper challenged Williamson on her view on anti-depressants, and brought up her statement that clinical depression is a “scam.” She said her comment, made on a podcast in 2018, was “wrong” and “glib.”

The interview got heated after Cooper brought up a Facebook post from Williamson linking to an article by an organization funded by the Church of Scientology suggesting anti-depressants were the cause of the death of Robin Williams.

If someone’s helped by an anti-depressant, I’m happy for them,” Williamson said. “This idea that I — like I’m some Tom Cruise about antidepressants, I’m not and I never have been.”

“You’re relying on the Church of Scientology for factual background to your argument,” Cooper shot back. “Would you appoint someone from the Church of Scientology to be head of the CDC if you were president?”

“No I would not,” Williamson replied.

Cooper continued to press Williamson, bringing up her tweet suggesting — without evidence — that anti-depressants had something to do with Kate Spade’s suicide.

“Putting out a blanket tweet… on the day somebody has died, implying that they were on antidepressants and that’s what caused their suicide… seems irresponsible,” Cooper said. Williamson shot back: “I could say the same thing to you given how many pharmaceutical companies advertise on your show.”

“I’ve felt very little respect here,” Williamson said, objecting to Cooper’s characterization of her tweets on suicide as “blanket statements.”

“I didn’t expect such an aggressive conversation with [Cooper] but I figure it’s a good rehearsal for debating Donald Trump,” Williamson tweeted after the interview.

Watch a segment of the interview above, and the beginning of the interview below, via CNN.

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