Mark Levin Explodes: ‘The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Our Gov’t — It’s Called Barack Obama’


On his radio show last night, Mark Levin went off on President Obama‘s decision to send F-16 planes and tanks to assist President Mohamed Morsi‘s Egyptian government, calling the president a Muslim Brotherhood “sympathizer.”

“What the hell’s happening? Now we back the Muslim Brotherhood?” Levin said of the administration’s decision to aid Morsi.

The conservative radio host defended his “dear friends” Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) over their concerns that the administration has been “infiltrated” by the Muslim Brotherhood.

“[They] ask questions about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of our own government, and they’re treated like pariahs,” an agitated Levin shouted. “Well, the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government – it’s called Barack Obama! No, he’s not a formal member; he’s a sympathizer. There, I said it! Prove otherwise.”

Levin continued on trash Obama and his Defense Secretary nominee:

“You want to look into Obama’s soul? Well, look at his soul, you know what I see? I see Chuck Hagel. What kind of a commander-in-chief would nominate somebody like Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense? I’ll tell you what kind of commander-in-chief: the kind of commander-in-chief that arms the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamo-Nazi regime in Cairo while he’s hollowing out the greatest military force on the face of the earth under his command, the United States military. That’s what kind of commander-in-chief!”

The talk radio host then called Hagel an “Israel-hater” and a “sympathizer with the most radical elements of the Middle East” before declaring that “the president is Chuck Hagel” because he believes the same.

Accusing Jewish Democrats of being “lock-step” in supporting Hagel’s confirmation, Levin shouted, “It’s the righteous gentiles that are speaking up!”

Listen below, via WABC-NY:

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