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‘It Was an Embarrassment’: Former Defense Secretary Condemns Trump For Skipping Veterans’ Cemetery Visit

Chuck Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me After I Resigned

Chuck Hagel Is a No-Show at New Defense Secretary Announcement

McCain Defends Hagel: Blame Obama for Foreign Policy ‘Debacle’

White House Official: Hagel ‘Not Up to the Job’

The NFL Is So Toxic Even the Military Is Backing Away

Sec. Hagel Wants $1 Billion to Fight Ebola

Hagel Defends Obama on ISIS: Goal Is ‘Degrade and Destroy’

Defense Sec. Hagel Warns ISIS Is ‘Beyond Anything That We’ve Seen’

The Real Secretary of Defense Called Tim Howard to Thank Him

Dem Rep. Bemoans: Obama ‘Not Very Good’ at Consulting with Congress on Big Decisions

Hagel to Congress: ‘I Know Trust Has Been Broken’ over Bergdahl Swap

Chuck Hagel Condemns Bergdahl Critics: ‘Unfair’ to Judge Before We Know Facts

Defense Sec. Hagel: ‘We Didn’t Negotiate with Terrorists’

Defense Sec. Hagel Open to ‘Review’ of Military Transgender Policy

Hagel: American Military Dominance ‘Can No Longer Be Taken for Granted’

Krauthammer Was Right: U.S. Should Have Boycotted Sochi Olympics

McCain to Fox: Defunders Lied to the GOP, ‘Shouldn’t They Be Held Accountable?’

‘I’m Tired of This!’ O’Reilly Goes on Explosive Tirade Against ‘Weasels’ in Obama Admin.

O’Reilly Goes Off on Slashed Military Benefits: ‘Collapse of Leadership,’ ‘Hagel Must Go!’

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