Mark Meadows Dismisses 1/6 Committee After Being Subpoenaed: ‘Democrats Want to Talk About Anything Other Than the Economy’


Former Trump chief-of-staff Mark Meadows reacted on Monday night to threats from Rep. Adam Schiff, who, along with the rest of the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, is seeking Meadows’ phone records from that day.

Meadows is one of several former Trump officials to be subpoenaed by the committee. The Trump team has reportedly told his allies they should refuse to cooperate.

On Sunday, Schiff said the committee is “prepared to go forward and urge the justice department to criminally prosecute anyone who does not do their lawful duty.”

As he has been since it was first announced, Meadows was dismissive of the January 6 probe.

“I can tell you what we’re seeing here is basically Democrats want to talk about anything other than the economy, anything other than the fact that there are more people that could be working that aren’t working right now,” he told Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham asked Meadows’s reaction to Schiff’s threat to ask the Department of Justice to ask it to charge Meadows criminally if he doesn’t comply with the subpoena.

“Listen, I’m gonna let the attorneys handle all of that,” he said. “I can say this, when I talk to people they say we’ve already been through two impeachments. Why do we go through an impeachment of Donald Trump on this very issue and now we’re holding hearings? They don’t quite understand that. The American people know that it’s politics as usual. Hopefully, we’ll get beyond that.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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