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Martha MacCallum Hits Democrats For Coronavirus Response: ‘The Answer is Always More Money’

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum bashed Democrats for saying the government needs more money to adequately prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

MacCallum joined Outnumbered on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing Capitol Hill debate on how to fight the pandemic. The Fox host said it was “gross” how the coronavirus has become the latest crisis to be politicized, adding, “a lot of Americans look at that and find it very disheartening.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if last night on the debate stage, someone had looked at each other and said, ‘This is not the time for us to be sniping at each other. Let’s support whatever the president needs in this, let’s get behind each other,’” MacCallum said.

“It is interesting to me that on the Democrat side, the answer is always more money,” she continued. “It’s like ‘We haven’t even looked probably at exactly what the plan is for that $2.5 billion, but $8 billion sounds better and $8 billion would be hitting it harder.’ Let’s look at what the smartest way to tackle it is.”

Harris Faulkner agreed, panning Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s request for more funding.

“We don’t know what you would actually do with the money, but we want more,” she said. “This cannot be politicized.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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