Matt Gaetz Demands Kevin McCarthy Hold Vote on Liz Cheney: ‘If He Doesn’t, the Republican Conference Is a Total Joke’


Matt Gaetz went to Wyoming Thursday to rail against Liz Cheney because of her vote to impeach Donald Trump. Gaetz and other prominent pro-Trump Republicans in the House have attacked Cheney and said she should no longer be in leadership as a result.

Tucker Carlson spoke with Gaetz Thursday night and asked why “someone who is so closely aligned with, say, Bill Kristol, a very sinister person, and other neocons who have so hurt this country” is in leadership.

“Because inside the beltway of Washington D.C., the establishment has concentrated their power and now they want to be able to reconstitute the Republican Party in their image,” Gaetz said.

He took a shot at Cheney, who is the third-highest ranking Republican in the House GOP caucus, by saying her approval rating is less popular than Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s was in his final days.

“So it’s a bit ironic that Liz Cheney is less popular among Republicans than the Arab dictators that she wants to throw out of office,” Gaetz said.

He called on House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy — who met with Trump Thursday — to hold a vote to kick Cheney out of leadership.

“Kevin McCarthy needs to hold a vote on Liz Cheney, and if he doesn’t, the Republican conference is a total joke,” Gaetz said. “More than half of the Republican conference has said that this person does not speak for us. Now, you and I both know the Republicans basically have no power in Washington D.C. right now. The only power we have is to communicate and if the person we’ve designated to communicate for us as the conference chair doesn’t have the support of the majority of the conference, it is a total fiction you’ve created regarding the entire structure of leadership.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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