Max Boot Slams National Review‘s Defense of White ‘Victimhood’: Conservative Media Has Been ‘Trumpified’


Conservative writer Max Boot hit back at National Review on Tuesday by saying their recent criticism for him is proof of how President Donald Trump is accelerating the decline of traditional conservatism.

Boot joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper to talk about a column he wrote last week to decry a 2018 poll in which 55 percent of white people said anti-caucasian discrimination has become as big a problem as discrimination against black people and other minorities. This incurred a response from the Review‘s John Hirschauer, who said Boot fanned “the flames of racial hatred,” called him one of “the self-loathing whites,” says Boot is peddling “grievance politics.”

Boot and Hirschauer have exchanged fire in dueling columns over the last few days, and when Boot appeared on CNN to talk about this, he explained that “there’s this victimhood complex which has taken root among many whites,” which Trump exploits among his supporters. Boot argued that white people need to break away from this mindset, which prompted Cooper to remark that “conservatives used to make fun of Democrats and liberals for a victimhood mentality.”

Cooper eventually noted that Hirschauer accused Boot of inflaming racial hatred while saying nothing at all of how Trump has done the same. Boot called this an example of Trump’s “double talk” where the president will accuse critics of being racist when they call out his own engagements with racism.

Boot continued by calling it “heartbreaking” that the Review is publishing this rhetoric against him when “this is the stuff I hear on the dark corners on the Internet from actual white supremacists.”

“Sadly, I think it’s a reflection of how even mainstream conservative publications are being Trumpified and are going down the same road [of] Fox News…It’s tragic, because I revered National Review. It’s a sign of how far over the edge Donald Trump is leading not just the Republican Party, but even the conservative movement.”

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