Meghan McCain Interrupts GameStop Rant to Snap at Co-Host: ‘I Can Hear You Laughing, Joy’


The View hosts Meghan McCain, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro locked horns on Friday’s episode while discussing the shock boom in GameStop’s stock price this week, McCain once snapping at Behar for laughing in the middle of her take.

Behar and Navarro began the discussion by admitting they’re relatively uninterested in the GameStop story, Navarro pointing to other pressing issues, such as the government’s failure to hold those who incited the Capitol riot accountable.

“So I’m not going to focus on Reddit, or Robinhood, or any of those other terms I don’t know, I’m going to focus on the fact that Ted Cruz has blood on his hands,” Navarro said, prompting McCain to “explain why we should care.”

McCain explained to her co-hosts that if Wall Street loses billions due to GameStop’s quickly rising and falling stock price, other stocks such as Apple’s and Disney’s will lose money too — along with those investing in the companies.

“Right now, automatically we’re in one of the worst economic recessions that we’ve seen in decades, so we can all say we don’t care, in one way or another, but at one point in time this will end up impacting average Americans, and then it’s going to reach all the way in all factions of our culture and our society. So we should care a little bit. I know everyone is saying Reddit and all these things don’t matter but they do matter for a lot of people” she added, which sparked a giggle from Behar.

“I can hear you laughing, Joy,” McCain snapped. “But there are real bottom line ramifications to this.”

Behar denied laughing maliciously at her co-host, but the giggle triggered another clash between Navarro and McCain — Navarro accusing her co-host of lecturing her.

“Let me say this. There’s a very quick way to help average Americans,” Navarro exclaimed. “Send them a check. Send them a check. Agree on how much we’re going to send them as a check to help the people who can’t pay their rent. Forget about stocks. They can’t pay their food bill. So, you know, agree on the Covid relief bill or maybe agree on raising the minimum wage, and then you can lecture me on stocks and, you know, the worth of Disney stocks.”

McCain, who seemed to be having technical issues and could not hear all of Navarro’s comment, assured her co-host she was not lecturing her as Behar cut to commercial.

“I only was giggling because I think Meghan has missed her calling as a financial adviser,” Behar added. “You really know what you are talking about.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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