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Megyn Kelly Panel Gets Into Heated Battle Over Obama Attending ‘Anti-American’ PSY’s Christmas Concert

On Fox News, today’s Megyn Kelly political panel took on the news that, over the weekend, President Obama attended a Christmas charity concert featuring PSY, the South Korean musician who has generated controversy for eight-years-old lyrics that call for the slow and painful death of American military members.

Former Bush assistant Brad Blakeman expressed outrage that the president would be seen with the musician, adding that the president’s handlers should have told the concert organizers that they must “kick this guy off the program.”

“I would have pulled his visa and kicked him out of the country,” Blakeman continued. PSY is a South Korean citizen.

South Carolina Democratic official Dick Harpootlian, who initially described himself as “not a fan of Korean rap,” shot back that the PSY concert was not an event put on by the White House or the government and is meant solely for charity.

“Brad, you know, you may have scheduled President Bush, and you may have thrown this guy out of the country, but, you know, there’s a new guy in town,” Harpootlian continued.

“Yeah, the apologist,” Blakeman interrupted.

“No, no, not an apologist,” replied Harpootlian

“The apologist who wants to share the stage with somebody who called for the torture of American troops,” Blakeman shot back, his tone growing irritated. “If you don’t know the difference, I feel sorry for you, because this guy, a Korean, sang a song in Korea about the death and torture of Americans.”

Harpootlian then compared PSY to Ted Nugent, the American rocker who has said unsavory things about President Obama: “I’d still go to a Ted Nugent concert” despite him saying “terrible things” about the president.

Later in the segment, Blakeman again grew visibly irritated, calling this entire story an “outrage” for the president, “who’s the Commander in Chief and represents every man and woman in uniform, to appear with this guy and to shake his hand and give the appearance that he condones this type of entertainment.”

“Oh, Brad,” Harpootlian dismissed the Republican guest’s outrage.

“This guy made money off the lyrics which called for the torture and death of men and women in uniform,” Blakeman fired back. “For you to stick up for this guy…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Brad, I’m not sticking up for this guy,” Harpootlian responded.

Watch below, via Fox:

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