Mick Mulvaney Says Gov’t Shutdown Could Last to 2019: ‘Very Possible’ Could Go ‘Into the New Congress’


Incoming acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows, and said repeatedly that he thinks the government shutdown, now on day two over wall funding, could last into 2019 and the new session of congress.

On Fox News Sunday, Mulvaney indicated to anchor Chris Wallace that lasting through the new year was pretty likely.

“This is what Washington looks like,” said Mulvaney to start, referring to the show opening characterizing D.C. as being in chaos. “This is what Washington looks like when you have a president who refuses to sort of go along to get along.”

Mulvaney said he met on Saturday with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other congressional leaders to discuss negotiations and that the GOP made a counteroffer before the recess that lasts until Thursday the 27th.

“I don’t think things are going to move very quickly here for the next couple of days,” he said.

“So are we talking a week,” asked Wallace. “Are we talking until the new congress comes in on January third?”

Mulvaney noted that today is Sunday, when things are “mostly” shut down anyway, that Monday and Tuesday are both federal holidays for Christmas, and that it’s Wednesday that’s “really the first day this kicks in.”

Noting that everyone working for the government currently will be paid as normal on the 28th of December, but then it becomes a question of the next payday.

“The next pay period that is impacted is January 11th,” he said. “It’s very possible that this shutdown will go beyond the 28th and into the new Congress.”

Mulvaney said the situation may have to go that far because of the political dynamics. “I think it’s a really good question here as to whether or not this deal can be cut before the new Congress comes in,” he said. “I think there’s an implication here for Nancy Pelosi’s election for the Speakership.”

“I think she’s now in that unfortunate position of being beholden to her left wing, to where she cannot be seen as agreeing with the president on anything until after she’s speaker,” he continued. “If that’s the case, again, I think there’s a chance we go into the next Congress.”

Pressed by Wallace for the “bottom line” on what the President would accept as less than his original ask, Mulvaney wasn’t exact.

“They are at $1.3 [billion] yesterday, we were at $5 billion a couple days ago,” he said. ‘The counter-offer we gave them yesterday was between those two numbers.”

Mulvaney was also cagey about the president changing his tune on whether he is proud to shut down the government or whether he is blaming Democrats for shutting it down, saying that the president is “proud to have this fight” but that “the ball right now is in their corner,” referring to Democrats in the Senate.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News.

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