Government Shutdown

Trump: If It Was Up to Me, I’d Shutdown The Government Over Border Security’

Trump Doubles Down on Threat: I Don’t Care About ‘Political Ramifications’ of a Shutdown

Trump: I Have ‘No Problem’ With a Shutdown, We’re ‘Laughingstock of the World’ on Border Security

Shutdown 2.0? Government Shutdown Now Looking Likely As Rand Paul Holds Up Vote

Rand Paul on Budgetary Talks: ‘When the Republicans Are in Charge, There’s No Conservative Party’

Hallie Jackson Grills WH Official: Why Would Trump ‘Love to See a Shutdown’?

Morning Joe: Trump’s ‘Shutdown’ Call is Result of ‘Reality TV Show’ Getting ‘Boring’

After Trump Says He’d ‘Love’ a Shutdown, Sarah Sanders Says ‘We Are Not Advocating’ for a Shutdown

Trump: ‘I’d Love to See a Shutdown’ If Democrats Don’t Meet Immigration Demands

Trevor Noah Hits GOP For Deriding DREAMers as ‘Illegal’ Immigrants

Chuck Schumer Responds to Post-Shutdown Liberal ‘Anger’: ‘We’ve Advanced the Cause’

Dem Rep. Cedric Richmond: Democrats ‘Did a Poor Job in Messaging’ During Shutdown

CNN’s Baldwin Baffled by Wasserman Schultz Answer on What Dems Got from Shutdown

Luis Gutierrez Calls Out Dem Colleagues Over Shutdown Deal: ‘They Caved, They Blinked’

Fox News’ Shep Smith: ‘Sliver of the President’s Base… Has Won the Day’

Sarah Sanders Grilled Over Trump Ad Attacking ‘Complicit’ Dems: How Will He ‘Show Leadership?’

Ted Cruz Tosses This Gem Out: ‘I Have Consistently Opposed Shutdowns’

Twitter Rips Schumer, Dems for Caving on Deal to End Shutdown: Worse ‘Negotiator… Than Trump’

BREAKING: Senate Passes Key Vote to End Government Shutdown

Eric Trump Says Shutdown ‘A Good Thing for Us’ Politically: ‘People See Through It’

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