Mika Brzezinski Privately Told Tom Brokaw Accuser ‘I Believe You’ Despite Supporting Him Publicly


While MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski publicly defended NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw after he was accused of sexual misconduct in 2018, the Morning Joe co-host privately voiced support to his accuser.

Linda Vester, who accused Brokaw of making aggressive, unwanted sexual advances toward her on two occasions years ago, told Fox News that Brzezinski apologized to her for Brokaw, despite including her name on a list of over 60 women who supported Brokaw.

While speaking to Fox News, Vester detailed the time she confronted Brzezinski after spotting the host going for a jog in their New York neighborhood.

“We knew each other. I saw her, she said, ‘Hey,’ and then I slowed down and I said, ‘So, I just have to ask you, why did you sign that letter?’ And she went off on me in a way that was so shocking,” Vester said, adding that Brzezinski then “started yelling at me, saying Tom Brokaw is an old man and he probably wouldn’t survive” and “thought I was being a little too cute and that she didn’t believe that I had done enough to fend him off.”

“I said, ‘Mika, you have said that you were a victim of sexual assault, right?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Was there a power differential involved in your case?’ She goes, ‘Yes,’” Vester continued. “I said, ‘Then I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.’”

Brzezinski responded to the Fox News story with a statement calling out Vester for airing out her grievances with a rival cable new network and denied the incident took place: “I am saddened that a personal conversation between two working mothers was so twisted out of context, and that my personal text expressing sympathy for Linda’s problems at multiple networks was screenshot and sent to a competitor in an attempt to discredit me. The story is false.”

Vester, who insisted that Brzezinski could have spoken to her before signing the letter defending Brokaw, went on to note that Brzezinski’s husband and co-host Joe Scarborough then stepped out of the house and Mika eventually “settled down, and we talked some more and she finally said, ‘I believe you, I believe your account.’”

Later that day, Brzezinski reached out to Vester to invite her over for dinner in an attempt to squash their beef.

“We had a nice dinner together,” Vester said. “We got along fine over dinner. Totally fine. We talked about other things, [Brokaw] never came up during dinner.”

“In the end, I was satisfied when she said she believed my account. I let it go because she came around and said, ‘I believe you.’”

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