Mika Brzezinski Urges 25th Amendment: Trump Is ‘Not Fit to Lead,’ He Is ‘Not Well’


President Donald Trump hit back at his alleged former paramour Stormy Daniels in what has become his signature juvenile manner: making fun of the appearance of the adult film actress on Twitter. His calling her “horse face” launched an ugly body-shaming retort from Ms. Daniels, as the American political dialogue continued to a death spiral of descent.

This was the context of Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, who has consistently been a morning show source for calling out Trump’s erratic behavior and diagnosing the Commander in Chief’s lack of mental wellness.

For Mika “this is one of the many, many, many ways this president has shown us that he is not fit, possibly not even well” adding how she didn’t understand why people in this administration “taking matters into their own hands and trying to sort of stick it out because they can keep things together.” She then hit Trump on the foreign policy front, claiming “he is cratering our reputation” and “making us an international joke.”

She then ostensibly turned to Trump’s cabinet members (a majority of whom have to agree to enact the 25th amendment to unseat the sitting resident saying “At some point, you are working for a president who is not fit to lead, who is going to do something crazy in five minutes, one hour, tonight or tomorrow.”

“What more do you need to hear from him to start thinking 25th amendment or something else” she wrapped up, adding “This is not okay. This is not normal. And this is where we are.”

Watch the segment above, courtesy of MSNBC.



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