Morning Joe Airs Montage of Trump’s Very Specific Campaign Promise of Concrete Border Wall


Morning Joe mocked President Donald Trump’s shifting position on the specifics of a border wall Wednesday morning on the last day that Republicans control the House of Representatives and amidst a nearly two-week government shutdown over border security funding.

Democratic congressional leadership Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the latter of whom is set to take over as House Speaker on Thursday, January 3rd, are set to attend a White House meeting later today regarding the current political stalemate that has led to a government shutdown. The issue of funding a border wall has become a political hot potato which has led President Trump to feebly ask Pelosi via Twitter “Let’s make a deal?”

On New Year’s Day Trump tweeted:

At issue is the specifics of border security, the details of which have shifted rather significantly as the negotiations have stalled. But as one can plainly see in the video montage introduced by Mika Brzezinski above, Trump campaigned on a very specific and clear plan for a concrete wall that was at least 30 feet tall, if not higher.

Trump supporters may defend their candidate’s policy as typical political hyperbole often said by candidates trying to simplify a complicated issue — such as immigration policy. But the rallying of supporters — and eventual winning of an election — based on unfulfillable promises (like Mexico paying for the wall) is at best an irresponsible action to which a candidate should ultimately be held accountable.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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