MSNBC Guest: Republicans Want ‘One-Party State’ that Trump Will Rule as an ‘Autocrat’


Sarah Kendzior, an MSNBC contributor who frequently appears on AM Joy, said on Saturday that the GOP wants to turn America into a “one-party state” under President Donald Trump‘s rule.

Kendzior called the Trump Administration a “criminal enterprise” as she wondered why Congressional Democrats even bother to engage with Trump on legislation. As she said America’s sovereignty is “threatened” and “Trump’s own people don’t seem to have total control of the government,” Kendzior argued that the Republican Party is solely interested in accumulating power, so Trump and his Congressional allies are working together to make that happen.

“What we have seen on the GOP end is total obstructionism that is aimed at making American citizens weaker, making them less likely to fight back,” Kendzior said. “They want a one-party state, that is what the GOP seeks, and Trump wants to be an autocrat with that state behind him.”

Kendzior went on to say that the GOP is “extremely competent” in what they’re trying to do and that they have little-to-no awareness of the authoritarianism they’re fostering.

“They are just not interested in the actual process of governing,” Kendzior said. “They are interested in ruling.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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