MSNBC Panelist Tells Stephanie Ruhle ‘Eight out of Ten Skinheads’ Support Trump


As the fall-out over this months-old Roy Moore clip continues, in which the Alabama Senate candidate indicated that America was last “great” during the days of slavery, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle led a panel to discuss the comments.

Panelist Jason Johnson, politics editor at TheRoot, went all-in on his condemnation of Moore’s pining for the halcyon days of slavery and President Donald Trump’s continued support for the Senate candidate.

“I guess to Roy Moore, like 12 Years a Slave was a family film,” he said. “It’s just about togetherness and people working hard under difficult circumstances.”

“I don’t find any of this shocking. I don’t find any of this shocking from Roy Moore. I don’t find any of this shocking from President Trump.”

Johnson continued, dropping something of a bombshell, declaring that “eight out of ten skinheads” support Trump.

“All you have to do is look at a president who is the number one choice of eight out of ten skinheads and it’s pretty clear what his ideology is and who he supports,” he said. “It’s really just going to be up to the voters and if anybody in his party is capable of demonstrating disgust at people that seem to be advocating a belief system that says other folks are sub-human and aren’t really part of the American dream.”

It is worth noting, skinheads do seem to prefer Trump by a wide margin, though these are racist skinheads. Anti-racist skinheads, one would think, are not in favor of the president.

Here’s a refresher of Moore’s original comments, which came after being asked a question about when America was last great, just in case you haven’t done your daily spit take yet.

“I think it was great at the time when families were united–even though we had slavery–they cared for one another,” he said. “Our families were strong, our country had a direction.”

Ruhle went on to decry Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ recent condemnation of Rep. John Lewis, after he declined to appear with Trump at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

“I’m not sure if you watch as much cable T.V. as the president does, but FYI, Congressman Lewis was literally beaten, marching alongside with Martin Luther King Jr.,” she said. “So the civil rights leaders and heroes you’re talking about are the ones you’re also complaining about.”

Ruhle then sighed heavily, before ending the segment.

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