Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Blasts GOP For Backing ‘Pedophile’ Roy Moore: ‘Get a Grip’

During an MSNBC panel discussion this morning, former RNC chairman Michael Steele tore into the GOP and POTUS for backing accused child molester and Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.


After lamenting that there doesn’t appear to be any consequences for President Donald Trump to back Moore amid allegations he sexually abused teenage girls, Steele didn’t buy the notion that there wasn’t much symbolism in the deep-red state race.

“The reality is, this is not a typical Alabama race,” he noted. “This is a race in which a pedophile is running for the United States Senate. And has the backing of the state party, the backing of the national party and has the backing of the Republican president.”

Steele added, “So that is a whole different dynamic. If it was just Roy Moore runoff candidate doing whatever, that’s different. But there’s a lot of baggage with this that has ramifications that go beyond Alabama. And that is the problem that a lot of people don’t seem to get.”

Trump is traveling down to Pensacola, Florida, today for a campaign event. With Pensacola only a stone’s throw from Alabama, and the Alabama Senate special election days away, this will serve as a defacto campaign rally for Moore.

This trip comes in the wake of recently surfaced comments from Moore in which he claimed that America was last great when the country had slavery. Of course, that blatantly racist remark is hardly the only thing that makes it difficult to understand why Trump and the Republican National Committee continues to provide support to the twice-ousted judge.

Host Hallie Jackson brought up Moore’s pro-slavery comments, leading Steele to mockingly respond that it made him “feel right at home.” Asked for his reaction, the former RNC chair wanted his party to “stop and think about what we’re talking about” here.

“Here’s a man who is talking about better days, you know, we were all better and stronger back in the day,” he exclaimed. “Yeah, there was slavery, but — are you kidding me?! This is coming to the United States Senate along with your pedophilia? People, get a grip on what you’re about to vote on here!”

Jackson pointed out that Doug Jones, Moore’s Democratic opponent, has been attempting to mobilize black voters via mailers and bringing in civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis to campaign for him.

“Just keep replaying what Roy Moore says about black folks,” Steele deadpanned. “That should take care of that.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.


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