Martin Bashir: Until Weiner Resigns He’s Just A ‘Narcissistic Politician’ Taking Photos Of Himself

Martin Bashir weighed in with his recommendation for Congressman Anthony Weiner and he was brutally blunt. Bashir concluded Weiner is so reluctant to resign because Weiner has no professional accomplishments in his life besides being a politician, and this is also the reason why Bashir feels so strongly that Weiner could only heal himself by leaving the only career he’s ever known.

Bashir at first seemed to suggest some controversial support for the embattled Congressman:

“In some ways Mr. Weiner is to be applauded for showing such powers of endurance and independence. If you’re looking for a politician who stands by his word, doesn’t respond to political arm-twisting and frankly doesn’t care what the press says about him, then Anthony Weiner is your man.”

Yet then Bashir took a sharp turn and explained that unlike Eliot Spitzer or John Edwards, who were both able to return to practicing law after their scandals, “Anthony Weiner doesn’t have anywhere else to go.” This is why Bashir argued Weiner’s resignation would actually be the best thing for him:

“Losing the one thing that defines him . . . will mark a real beginning in the reconstruction of his life. Until then, he’ll just be another naricissistic politician who couldn’t stop taking photographs of himself.”

It’s doubtful Bashir’s tough talk will be enough to convince Weiner to pull the plug, but with allies in Congress abandoning him and with harsh criticisms piling up across the media, how much longer could Weiner actually last?

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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