New Lincoln Project Ad Mocks White House For Raft of Anti-Trump Leaks and Disloyalty: ‘They Expect You to Lose’


The Lincoln Project went after President Donald Trump’s paranoia on Tuesday by claiming “everyone” is disloyal to him, and that’s the reason why his administration has so many leaks.

The anti-Trump Republican organization released a new ad that begins by mocking Trump over the numerous polls showing former Vice President Joe Biden with the upper hand in the 2020 election. In a taunting whisper, the video tells the president he’s losing “because you’ve got a loyalty problem.”

“They’re in your campaign, your White House, in Congress, even in your own family,” the ad says. “They whisper about you. They leak, spin, lie. They tell the media they’re smart and you’re out of control.”

The ad goes on to mock Trump over several of his most recent controversies, all while claiming people continue to mock him behind his back.

“They expect you to lose. They want the media to like them, to get one last big payday before you go down,” the narration says. “With so many leaks, you probably think it could be anyone. Donald, it’s everyone.”

Watch above, via The Lincoln Project

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