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New Yorker Media Critic Calls Out CNN as ‘All Trump Network’: I Get More News About Middle East From Fox News


This week was the Advertising Week New York conference, which included on day 4 a media roundtable discussion featuring Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry, NPR’s Pallavi Gogoi, Ad Age President Josh Golden, CNN anchor Christine Romans, and columnist and media critic for The New Yorker, Ken Auletta. And Aluetta indeed had some media criticism to share, in this case of CNN.

Aluetta not only criticized CNN, but in the process praised Fox News anchor Bret Baier, when comparing prime time news coverage on the two networks.

“CNN has for years claimed that its brand was ‘we cover the world’, and in fact you have more reporters around the world than any other television network, certainly in the U.S.,” he said, directing his comment toward CNN’s Romans. “Maybe the BBC exceeds you, but nevertheless it’s one of their strengths.”

“But yet if you watch CNN from four o’clock to eleven o’clock at night – it’s the all Trump network,” he said, evincing some exasperation. “And… what happened?”

“I mean I get more news about the Middle East on Bret Baier at six o’clock than I do at CNN,” he added as salt on the wound.

“I think the historic nature of the presidency is important here, right, and I mean it really is,” said Romans, sputtering a bit. “It’s what– what’s happening in Washington is, is just seismic.”

She brought up a few topics that the network is covering that are not Trump, although she related it to Trump as she spoke, and said “we are there every day.”

“I’m on in the early morning, so I’m on when Europe is up and I’m doing a lot of that kind of stuff early in the morning,” continued Romans. “But in prime time, you’re right, it’s–”

“Not just prime time, starting with Jake Tap–starting at one o’clock in the afternoon,” Aluetta interjected. “You don’t get, running right through– you get very little sense of the rest of the world.”

Romans replied that there is a CNN International network, “if you want just the international view.”

“I just think that the Trump phenomena is the story right now,” she concluded. “It just is.”

It certainly is on CNN, which is what Aluetta was pointing out.

Watch the clip above, via Advertising Week.

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