NJ Gym Owners Get in Heated Argument With CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘That’s a F**king Stat Nobody Is Talking About’


Two New Jersey gym owners who are going to court for breaking into their own Covid-restricted business got into a heated 15-minute battle with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday night over mask-wearing, President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 response, and statistics around the virus.

“They have violated everyone’s constitutional rights,” co-owner Frank Trumbetti said direct toward New Jersey officials. “We all have the right to make a living. We all have the right to actually do what we want to do as Americans. We are promised liberty. And they have actually put such oppressive restrictions on us that it’s just unacceptable to us.”

As the two owners described how they would keep their gym safe, co-owner Ian Smith said, “I would argue that the gym is a place to keep people safe, this is a place where people come to build their immune systems, the strength of their body on the outside and inside.”

“Our governor has allowed outdoor fighting. You can actually full contact fight outside. I can punch you in the stomach,” Trumbetti said to Cuomo at one point. “You’re an athlete, you’re one of the tough guys out there, if we’re sparring outside and I punch you in the stomach and I knock your mouthpiece out, you’re gonna spit in my face. But Governor [Phil] Murphy says you can’t get Covid that way.”

Then, the three began arguing about specific Covid-19 statistics, including death rates in the state. As Cuomo tried to interject, Trumbetti yelled, “That’s the facts!”

“We’re being villainized,” Smith added after saying the gym has not recorded any Covid-19 cases during the pandemic.

“What you’re saying about long term care facilities, I’m not questioning it,” Cuomo said. “We did the wrong job by the most vulnerable people. Even though, the oldest and the most fragile will die the most in a situation like this, it doesn’t mean you did it the right way.”

“But you’re knocking Trump because of the total numbers,” Trumbetti said. “You’re knocking Trump because of the total numbers… 53.3% of the deaths come from 0.6% of the population. Bottom line, that’s a fucking stat that nobody’s talking about.”

“Watch your mouth, we’re on television,” Cuomo warned.

“Sorry, sir, sorry,” Trumbetti responded.

“Don’t worry about it, I get the passion,” Cuomo said. “One, death isn’t the only metric. I’m not blaming the president for the pandemic, I’m not blaming the president when people die, except there’s a lot more they could be doing.”

As the interview continued, Trumbetti went on to argue that coronavirus is a “mild flu” as Smith continued his case to re-open the state.

Near the end of the interview, Cuomo said, “You’re also allowing yourselves to be a little politicized on this.”

“I am the least political person you’ve ever met in your life,” Trumbetti responded.

“You brought it up in this interview when it had no place in it,” Cuomo shot back. “That isn’t on me, that’s on you, Frank. I’m just saying, be careful. If you get seen as a political actor, then you’re going to get treated as a political combatant. And I don’t know that you want that.”

“I couldn’t give two craps about politics,” Trumbetti reiterated.

Watch above, via CNN.

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