NYT’s Haberman Says Trump ‘Still Telling People He Won’ After Capitol Riot, May Never Accept His 2020 Loss


As Donald Trump’s administration is poised to end in disgrace between impeachment and violent insurrection, New York Times’ Maggie Haberman said that the president may never truly get over his 2020 election loss.

Haberman joined CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday for a Reliable Sources discussion about what Trump is up to in the final days of his presidency. Haberman began by remarking that it’s harder to hear from Trump, now that his Twitter account is gone and now that he has mostly gone silent since his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

“What he’s doing is he has not accepted he lost, but he has accepted the fact that he is not going to be president after noon on Wednesday,” Haberman said. “The White House is being packed up. He is taking farewell pictures with a lot of aides. He is working the phones to talk to people. He is also, according to people I’ve spoken to, still telling people he won.”

Haberman went on to say Trump is “maintaining this” idea that he won the election, even though he has never proven any of his baseless claims before any court that the contest was corrupted by mass fraud. Trump spent months pushing this lie to his supporters, which resulted in a mob breaking into Congress and disrupting the certification process for the 2020 results.

“The idea he has accepted the loss, he is not there yet, if he is ever going to get there,” Haberman said. She added that it remains to be seen whether Trump will have any farewell remarks since the Pentagon will deny him a military ceremony.

Watch above, via CNN.

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