Omarosa Blasts Trump For Doing ‘Nothing’ For Chicago: He Promised to ‘Reduce the Violence’


Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared on The Daily Show and criticized President Donald Trump for not living up to his campaign promises.

After discussed her role in the White House as the Director of Communications for the Office Public Liaison, which she described as a “spokesperson for diverse communities” and pointed out that no one else was appointed to handle such a task and pointed to the Obama administration who she said had “fifteen people” in that office.

“I thought the work was incredibly important,” Omarosa told Trevor Noah. “He didn’t take it very seriously.”

Omarosa then pivoted to the “long list” of all the things President Trump “said he would do.”

“He said he would help to reduce the violence in Chicago and as we know, having seen 600 murders over this weekend that he has done nothing and he has refused to even travel to Chicago,” Omarosa told Noah. “We said we would help the people of Flint to get clean water and as we know, there’s still no clean water there… If you still have to boil your water, it’s not acceptable in this country.”

“We should have done better by Puerto Rico and we have not,” Omarosa continued. “And there were a lot of things that he made commitments to that he just not fulfilled.”

She also pointed out that since her departure from the White House seven months ago that there is “still no African American assistant to the president” to fill her position.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central (start at the 4:00 mark).

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