On MSNBC, Andrew Sullivan Blasts MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance as a Conspiracy Theorist


Writer Andrew Sullivan blasted MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance during an appearance on the network, telling another guest that the network’s employee is a conspiracy theorist.

The comments were made during a Hardball panel with Sullivan and progressive writer Zerlina Maxwell, who cited Nance during a debate on immigration.

“If you read Malcolm Nance’s book, The Plot to Destroy Democracy, it goes through the chronology of–” Maxwell said before being cut off by an outraged Sullivan.

“Jesus, Lord, you’re recommending that guy?” He exclaimed.

Maxwell stood by her namedrop, which prompted Sullivan to call Nance “a complete fantasist.”

MSNBC host Chris Matthews then butted into the conversation to ask, “Who’s this?” — even though Nance works for the network and appeared on Matthews’ show recently.

“This guy Malcolm Nance,” Sullivan explained. “He’s spread so many conspiracies and nonsense, and you cite him?”

“I just wanted to articulate the point I was making which is that he ties it historically to the rise of white nationalism throughout Europe, and so that is something tied to the debate,” Maxwell replied.

Nance has been criticized for his wild and speculative commentary on President Donald Trump, Russia, and Robert Mueller‘s investigation into their relationship. Prior to the release of the Mueller summary letter, Nance alleged that the special counsel’s report would show treasonous acts beyond what “Benedict Arnold” committed against America.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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