Outnumbered Gets Heated Debating Jon Karl’s ‘Stupid Question’: He’s ‘Carrying the Water’ of the Dems


Today’s panel on Fox’s Outnumbered tore into Jon Karl after the ABC News reporter tried to ask President Donald Trump if he’d pardon Michael Cohen amid his increasing legal problems.

Host Harris Faulkner began the segment by laughing at how the president shut down Karl by snapping at him over his “stupid question.” Conservative pundit Lawrence Jones, today’s #OneLuckyGuy, followed up by saying that he’s “so sick” of journalists like Karl and CNN’s Jim Acosta shouting questions to the president following press pool sprays.

“I try to be fair with the press, but they’re literally carrying the water of the Democratic Party,” Jones said. “This is the same talking point that the Democrats are using right now. I don’t get how you can still call yourself a journalist, and the American people care nothing about this right now.”

Left-leaning Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov thought Karl made a mistake by asking the Cohen question during a bilateral meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron, though she argued that Americans actually do care about the investigations into Trump’s personal lawyer. Jones began to object, however, when Tarlov noted the connections between the FBI’s Cohen office raid and Robert Mueller‘s special counsel investigation.

Kennedy followed up the tussle with a really weird metaphor about colorful blobs of Play-Doh. Tarlov simply wanted to know what was wrong with Karl’s question was asked under different circumstances.

“How did I turn into the devil?” Tarlov wondered.

Faulkner criticized Karl’s question as “editorial session” material, and the conversation continued with more criticism for the ABC White House correspondent.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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