Outnumbered Knocks Trump’s Speech: ‘Not The Right Tone, Tenor or Environment’


President Donald Trump delivered what was essentially a drunken late-night bar rant before thousands of supporters at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday night, slamming the “crooked media” and defending his comments on last week’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that ended in terror.

And even Fox News’ Outnumbered had words of criticism for Trump’s speech, chiding the president on Wednesday for failing to bring the country together at a time of extreme divisiveness.

Gianno Caldwell — the Republican strategist who was brought to tears last week by the president’s response to Charlottesville — kicked things off on his first spin as #OneLuckyGuy by calling on Republicans to hold Trump to account for his Tuesday night speech.

Caldwell’s qualm with the speech was that the president chose to tackle the sensitive topic of race relations at a campaign rally in a room packed with riled up supporters. “This was not the right tone, tenor, or environment for this conversation,” he said.

And the Outnumbered couch seemed to agree.

“There’s moments in a presidency where you have to step back, where you have to take a pause, where you need to reevaluate and say, how can I heal this nation?” Mercedes Schlapp concurred.

Harris Faulkner, never far behind with a defense of the president’s latest blunder, pushed back on Schlapp by apparently attempting to excuse Trump’s comments by noting he had a member of Martin Luther King’s family on stage with him during his speech.

“But it’s at a rally setting,” Schlapp contended. “The campaign rally is just simply not enough to deal with the sensitivity of this topic.”

“Part of the issue last night was the president’s tone,” Fox Business Network’s Dagen McDowell said. “He’s talking about unity, healing and love — but it was about him, and him defending himself against people who took issue with his repeated responses to the violence in Charlottesville.”

McDowell went on to explain that her family lives in Charlottesville, and that she was disturbed by the presence of torch-bearing neo-Nazis, white supremacists and KKK members marching in her hometown.

“So when we didn’t hear an initial response of ‘I condemn these people by name,’ that was bothersome,” she said. “It was deeply frustrating and upsetting.”

Sandra Smith had something of a different perspective on Trump’s rally, wheeling out a common trope on the network: that despite widespread criticism of Trump’s comments, his base still loved the speech.

She noted that hardcore Trumpers loved the rally, responding on social media that “he’s a fighter,” and “that’s what I want.”

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