NYT Reporter: Trump Arizona Speech Like ‘Guy in a Bar Complaining About His Ex-Wife’


Hour one of Morning Joe Wednesday was dominated by talk of President Donald Trump’s late night rally in Arizona. Among his sun scorched supporters, Trump delivered a classic performance, railing against the fake news media, spinning his own peculiar set of facts and zinging his enemies on Capitol Hill.

Needless to say it didn’t go over well with the latte toters.

Scarborough — broadcasting from what looks like a lovely New England lakeside vacation home — wondered aloud who were these people cheering the president on in his divisive rhetoric.

MSNBC’s resident numbers savant Steve Kornacki suggested Trump had over-learned his lessons from his 2016 fight.

But it was the New York Times Nicholas Confessore who brought the most colorful analysis, saying that Trump was not utilizing the full compliment of tools in the presidential toolbox, and sounded more like “a guy in a bar complaining abut his ex-wife.”

“He’s president and he’s not running a reality show,” said Confessore. “If you can’t build consensus, you can’t do anything. I was watching about this speech and it reminds me of a guy in a bar complaining about his ex-wife. He’s so mad at the media, it’s like he feels jilted and the problem is, press coverage is his only prism for viewing his own presidency. This guy spends too much time watching T.V. and reacting to what the media is saying or not saying. There are other tools in the toolbox for presidents that he does not use.”

True enough.

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