Parkland Student Attacked by Online Conspiracy Fires Back at Don Jr. for Touting It: ‘Disgusting’

The Parkland student who was smeared by conspiracy theorists responded on CNN tonight and had some words for Donald Trump Jr. for liking it.

A disgusted Anderson Cooper brought up the now-fired aide of a Florida representative’s email calling David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez crisis actors, as well as the conspiracy-mongering posts ginning up nonsense about how Hogg is the son of an FBI agent and therefore… something something deep state.

Well, Donald Trump Jr. liked two separate tweets that puffed up this rancid BS. Classy.

Tonight both Hodd and his father––who did work in the FBI––appeared with Cooper to respond to all this.

The young student said he’s dismayed at how people could come to believe this stuff:

“It’s unbelievable to me that people are saying this, and the fact that Donald Trump Jr. liked that post is disgusting to me, but it’s also false, in terms of the sense that––these people keep saying that I’m anti-Second Amendment. I’m not. I want every American to be able to own a gun that has a mentally stable mind, a person that has a credible background, that doesn’t have any previous major convictions, and somebody that’s not gonna go out and commit these atrocities, ’cause those are the people that are at fault here. I do not want to take away the Constitutional rights of American citizens.”

Cooper brought up the since-deleted other tweet Don Jr. liked. As he read the tweet aloud, Hogg laughed a bit in disbelief before saying again he’s shocked at what these people are saying.

His father Kevin briefly addressed his career with the FBI to clear the record on what his background is.

Watch above, via CNN.

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