‘Profiles in Cowardice’: McEnany, Top Pence Adviser Trash Ex-Trump Officials Speaking Out in Surreal Briefing Moment


Tuesday’s White House press briefing ended with General Keith Kellogg, national security adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, joining Kayleigh McEnany to trash former Trump administration officials now speaking out against the president.

Kellogg went after Olivia Troye, the former Pence aide who left the administration months ago and has since blasted the president for his mishandling of the global pandemic, and claimed he actually fired her.

Troye has alleged, among other things, that Trump “didn’t want to hear” about the severity of the crisis early on because he was more concerned about his election, that he saw as one upside “I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people,” and how on at least one occasion he was off on some tangent about something that aired on Fox News.

Last week after Troye went public with her criticisms, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked Dr. Anthony Fauci about what Troye has been saying publicly. Fauci hesitated to weigh in on the politics and on some of what she said, but told Hayes, “I interacted with Olivia, I liked her, she was a good person, she was important to the team as a staff person to the Coronavirus task force.”

Kellogg alleged as the briefing that he fired Troye because “her performance started to drop.”

“I’m the one that escorted her off the compound,” Kellogg said. “What she has said I never heard. This never happened, and I’ve been to every single meeting of the task force, been with the president and the vice president through every meeting.”

“What bothers me about what Olivia said is by insinuation the disparagement of the task force, the vice president, and the president of the United States,” he continued as he defended the administration’s response to the coronavirus and Trump’s in particular. “I am very proud of the task force and the work it’s done. I’m not proud of Olivia Troye.”

And with that, he stepped aside and McEnany took to the podium again to continue trashing both Troye and former DHS official Miles Taylor — who has been similarly outspoken about his time in the Trump administration — saying they’re demonstrating “profiles in cowardice.”

McEnany claimed that Troye “struggled to keep up because she was constantly complaining about how exhausted and overwhelmed she was coordinating conference calls and scheduling meetings.” She said Troye is engaging in “fabricated smears” and lies.

She then brought up Taylor and said he “couldn’t go the distance.” “Those who knew Miles during his short time in the administration knew he could not get results. After he left, DHS actually got the results… building the border wall and more.”

McCenany said they’re trying to profit off their time in the White House and then walked off to end the briefing.

You can watch above, via C-SPAN 2.

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