Putin Reveals to Megyn Kelly the ‘Two Reasons’ Russia Would Use Its Nuclear Weapons

NBC News aired a second excerpt of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, in which the he explained the “two reasons” he would use the nuclear-capable missiles he unveiled this week.

In the first excerpt released from the interview, Kelly grilled Putin in Moscow about whether he’s looking to rev up a second Cold War, and if the weapons he brandished at his annual state of the nation address had succeeded in testing — as they were only displayed in animations.

The latest excerpt had Kelly pressing Putin about the circumstances he would need to use his weapons — which he described in his address as “not a bluff.”

“But again, you say that you are going to use these weapons, these nuclear-powered weapons, if Russia or its allies come under attack. Any attack or a nuclear one?” Kelly asked.

“We have two reasons that would force us to respond using our nuclear weapons,” Putin replied. “The first is a nuclear attack against us. Or an attack against the Russian Federation using conventional weapons. But in this case, if it’s a threat to the very existence of the Russian state.”

More segments of Kelly’s interview with Putin are expected in the coming days.

Watch above, via NBC News.

[image via screengrab]

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