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Rand Paul Fires Back at Lindsey Graham’s ‘Gutter’ Attack: Using Patriotism as a Cudgel

Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul came out of today’s Iran briefing not even close to satisfied with what they heard. Lee in particular was pretty pissed off and said the briefing was so inadequate and infuriating that he’s signing onto the War Powers resoltuion being pushed by Democrats.

In response, Lindsey Graham scolded colleagues like Lee and Paul for “overreacting” and said that “playing this game with war powers” means they’re “empowering the enemy.”

Paul responded on CNN tonight and said, “I think it’s sad when people have this fake sort of drape of patriotism and anybody that disagrees with them is not a patriot.”

“I love my country as much as the next guy. For him to insult and say that somehow we’re not as patriotic as he is, he hasn’t even read the history of Constitution,” he continued. “The Constitution specifically says the warmaking power resides in Congress… He insults the Constitution, our Founding Fathers and what we do stand for in this republic by making light of it and accusing people of lacking patriotism. I think that’s a low gutter type of response.”

Wolf Blitzer asked him about today’s briefing and whether he got “specific information that there was an imminent threat to American military personnel, American diplomats within a matter of days and that was the reason they decided to kill Soleimani.”

“There was no specific information given to us of a specific attack,” Paul said. “Generalities, stuff you read in the newspaper was given to us. I didn’t learn anything in the hearing that I hasn’t seen in a newspaper already. None of it was overwhelming that X was going to happen.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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