Rep. Adam Schiff: Evidence of Trump’s Misconduct is ‘Overwhelming and Uncontested’


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) proclaimed that the evidence is “overwhelming and uncontested” as he and his fellow Democrats announced their articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Schiff also make the case against the argument that Democrats should wait until the 2020 election to remove Trump, claiming that amounts to allowing the president to “cheat in one more election.”

Schiff spoke at the Democrats’ press conference on Tuesday after Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) confirmed Democrats will focus on Trump’s charges for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Schiff began by saying he was “reluctant” to impeach the president, but “the actions of President Trump gave Congress no alternative.”

“To do nothing would make ourselves complicit in the president’s abuse of his high office, the public trust, and our national security,” Schiff said. “The evidence of the president’s misconduct is overwhelming and uncontested.”

Schiff went on with the presser to outline the basis of the impeachment charges, and he echoed Nadler as he remarked that “no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States.”

“The evidence is every bit as strong that President Trump has obstructed Congress fully, without precedent, and without basis in law,” Schiff said. “If allowed to stand, it would decimate Congress’ ability to conduct oversight of this president or any other in the future, leaving this president and those who follow to be free to be as corrupt, malfeasant or incompetent as they would be with no prospect of discovery or accountability.”

Schiff also swatted at the argument from Republicans that America should wait until the 2020 election next year in order to decide Trump’s fate:

“The argument — why don’t you just wait — amounts to this: why don’t you just let him cheat in one more election? Why not let him cheat just one more time? Why not let him have foreign help just one more time? That is what that argument amounts to. The president’s misconduct goes to the heart of whether we can conduct a free and fair election in 2020. It is bad enough for a candidate to invite foreign interference in our political process, but it is far more corrosive for a president to do so and to abuse his power to make it so.”

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