Rick Scott Tells Spring Breakers to Get Off the Beach Amid Pandemic: ‘What Are You Thinking!? Stop Doing It Now!’


Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) strongly urged people in his state to get off the beach and stop partying in public while the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreck havoc.

During Scott’s interview with CNN on Thursday, John Berman noted that the U.S. has experienced another spike in coronavirus cases, and he also invoked the recent media coverage of young people who’ve decided to ignore warnings about the pandemic. Scott beamed in from self-quarantine after his meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s press secretary (who tested positive for the virus), and he flatly told people to “get off the beach.”

“Individuals have to take responsibility and every level of government has to be very clear. Don’t be on the beach unless you can be somehow completely by yourself. We’ve got to figure out the social distancing. I think whether it’s the beaches, wherever we are, every part of government has to start telling people, take some personal responsibility here. Don’t infect other people. Don’t take a chance or you’re gonna be the one that causes your grandparents or your parents or another friend from school to get sick.”

Scott wouldn’t say if he was recommending closing the beaches, but he said the most important thing to do is to tell people “you have got to take care of yourself and your family.”

“What are you thinking about by being on the beach around all these people that might have coronavirus and you’re going to go home and potentially infect the people you love the most,” Scott said. “What are you thinking? Stop doing it now!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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