Roland Martin to Democratic Party: Stop Treating Black Voters as ‘Political Sharecroppers’

In the wake of Democrat Jon Ossoff’s loss in GA-06’s special election, Democrats have done quite a bit of soul-searching and self-reflection on what they need to do to appeal to more voters. One Democrat, Rep. Tim Ryan, said that the party’s brand was “worse than Trump,” a sentiment former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders agreed with.

During an appearance on MSNBC this afternoon, News One host Roland Martin talked about the party’s messaging and what it needed to do to win elections moving forward, especially on the local level. Regarding Sanders’ comments about the Democratic brand and the need for the party to transform, Martin noted that the independent lawmaker “hasn’t been transformed himself to join the Democratic Party.”

He also had some advice to Democrats — “stop chasing this mythical, epic white voter.” In his opinion, the party is wasting its time trying to “recapture white Trump voters.” Instead, they need to go after people of color and get them to turn out to vote.

“That’s how they win,” Martin stated. “Black people are tired of being the sidepiece for the Democratic Party and tired of being political sharecroppers. If Democrats want to win they have to drive turnout.”

He went on to claim that black voter participation was down in 2016 not because they didn’t want to vote, but because of voter suppression. Therefore, he feels Democrats need to work on targeting black and Latino voters and getting them to the polls.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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