Rudy Giuliani Reveals To Jimmy Fallon That He Bought Crack In 1986

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and man who may or may not seek the GOP nomination for president, paid a visit to Late Night to discuss New York’s bad ol’ days, when men were men, and other men were junkies, and Giuliani bought crack. Needle skip! Huh?

Giuliani, you see, is hosting AMC’s “Mob Week,” which makes (some) sense given his past prosecuting members of the mafia. Host Jimmy Fallon, fascinated by Giuliani’s anecdotes, asked if he ever had to don a disguise or participate in a stakeout as part of his job. Why yes, replied Giuliani:

Yeah, I wore a disguise. I bought crack in 1986, undercover with a DEA agent, a female DEA agent…

This was done at the instance of the head of the DEA in New York by myself, Senator D’Amato and the head of the parole board to show how prevalent crack had become. I drove up to Washington Heights, I had a female DEA agent, who was theoretically my “date,” and we went up and we purchased crack in Washington Heights.

Just a day in the life, kiddos.

Have a look at the interview, from NBC:

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