Rush Limbaugh: Student Survivors ‘Bashing the NRA’ Doesn’t Solve the Problem


Rush Limbaugh spoke with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today in a rare TV interview reacting to the Parkland school shooting.

Limbaugh spoke with Wallace immediately following Wallace’s interview with student survivors of the shooting, who are calling for marches next month to call on legislators to take serious action on gun control.

One of those students, Cameron Kasky, directly told Wallace, “This isn’t about the red and blue, the GOP and the Democrats, this is about adults and kids. At this point, you are either with us or against us… In the next election we are saying if you are accepting money from the NRA, there is a badge of shame on you because you are enabling things like this to happen.”

Limbaugh started by saying, “You have to feel for them. This has wrecked their lives.”

But he took issue with the overall focus on guns here, saying, “I couldn’t care less about the gun angle of this.”

“Prayers and condolences don’t solve it,” Limbaugh said, “and marches aren’t going to solve it. Chris, the next shooter is out there. The next shooter probably has the gun that he’s going to use… How is anything that we’re talking about going to stop that?”

He continued:

“These students think they’re taking politics out of this. The minute they bash the NRA, it’s politics… This is an event that advances a political agenda for the American left and the Democrat party. Bash the NRA.”

Watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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