CNN Panel Gets Heated in Sparring Match Over Gun Control: AR-15 ‘A Fabulous Gun’ For Women

Maria Bartiromo Grills Kellyanne on Trump’s Gun Claims: ‘Is He Ignoring the Constitution?’

BREAKING: Walmart to Cease Sale of Firearms To People Under 21

Dem Sen. Chris Murphy Challenges Trump: ‘I Think You Underestimate the Power of the Gun Lobby’

WA Gov. Confronts Trump Over Arming Teachers: ‘Little Less Tweeting, Little More Listening’

In Remarks to Governors, Trump Says ‘Half of You Are So Afraid of the NRA’

Piers Morgan Melts Down in Debate With Gun Advocate: ‘I Get So Angry Talking to These Gun Nuts!’

GOP Rep. Taylor Goes to Hilarious Lengths to Duck Cuomo Question on Background Checks

David Hogg on Trump Suggesting Armed Teachers: ‘Can You Imagine the Mass Chaos and Hysteria?’

Trump Tweets Again About ‘Armed Educators’: ‘Shootings Will Not Happen Again’

Frank Luntz Focus Group of Current and Former NRA Members Sounds Off: ‘Are We Gonna Ban Knives?!’

Alisyn Camerota and Dana Loesch Hold Marathon Gun Debate: ‘No Self-Respecting Hunter Needs an AR-15’

Alisyn Camerota Confronts Dana Loesch For Saying Media ‘Loves’ Mass Shootings: ‘How Dare You!?’

Trump Calls For Stricter Gun Control Measures: ‘Congress is in a Mood to Finally Do Something…I Hope!’

Old Trump Tweet on Guns in Classrooms Resurfaces After POTUS Says He’d Strongly Consider Arming Teachers

Photographer Captures Pic of Notes Trump Had During Listening Session: ‘I Hear You’

Parkland Survivor to Trump: ‘I Don’t Understand Why I Can Still Go Into a Store and Buy a Weapon of War’

Cuomo Battles House Candidate Running AR-15 Contest: You’re Giving Away ‘The Same Damn Weapon’ Used in Parkland

Missouri Grade-School Baseball Team Sells Raffle Tickets For AR-15

Rush Limbaugh: Student Survivors ‘Bashing the NRA’ Doesn’t Solve the Problem

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