San Bruno Police Chief: Shooter Was at Gun Range Before Going to YouTube HQ


San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini hosted a press conference Thursday to update the public about an ongoing investigation into the shooting at YouTube headquarters on Wednesday afternoon, in which four victims were injured and the shooter, Nasim Najafi Aghdam, fatally shot herself.

Aghdam was the only person killed in the active shooter situation, while most of her victims remain hospitalized in varying conditions. Her motive for the shooting included a disdain for the company’s “policies and practicies,” according to San Bruno officials. The shooter reportedly visited a local gun range before visiting the headquarters of the popular multimedia platform, where a handgun registered in her name was found.

Aghdam, a longtime social media user, had been posting complaints about YouTube’s monetization practices in the days leading up to the shooting. “There is no equal growth opportunity on YOUTUBE or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to!!!!!” one post read. “Youtube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views!”

“She was always complaining that YouTube ruined her life,” Aghdam’s brother told reporters Wednesday.

Three people were shot after Aghdam drove over 500 miles to the headquarters, and one other person suffered an ankle injury while attempting to escape the active shooter situation. Her family was aware of her anger toward the platform, and reportedly contacted authorities to warn them.

“We don’t know exactly how communication was relayed to the local police department down there and if so, how it was transferred to wherever it needed to be transferred,” Barberini said in a Wednesday interview with ABC News. “Obviously she was upset with some of the practices or policies that the company had employed.”

San Bruno officials will continue investigating Aghdam’s motives leading up to the event, as well as what steps authorities may have taken after receiving calls from her family.

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