Sarah Huckabee Sanders: If Trump’s Racist, ‘Why Did NBC Give Him a Show?’


Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders participated in something of an impromptu press conference this morning — walking across the White House lawn in the cold, answering questions on behalf of President Donald Trump.

It started with a round-robin on DACA and the looming government shutdown, topics Sanders deftly skipped around as she stuck to the party line.

When asked if the firestorm surrounding Trump’s alleged comments about Haiti, El Salvador and African Nations (which he reportedly called “shithole countries”) has derailed immigration talks, Sanders held firm to the notion that it’s truly the Democrats to blame.

“He’s worried that Democrats’ unwillingness to actually put the country ahead of their party is what’s stalling things from moving forward, whether it’s the budget or whether it’s a deal on DACA,” she said. “I think it’s a sad day for this country that they’re willing to throw away the progress and negotiations and not make big steps that need to happen.”

Sanders also said the notion that Trump may be a racist is an “outrageous claim,” oddly citing the fact that NBC gave him a reality show as proof that he loves all races equally.

“[If the president was racist] why did NBC give him a show for a decade on TV? Why did Chuck Schumer and all of his colleagues come and beg Donald Trump for money?” She asked. “Why did they want to be with him for years and years in various activities, whether it was events or fundraisers and other things?”

Additionally, she did not deny that the president used the term “shithole countries,” saying “the president hasn’t said he didn’t use strong language.”

During the interview, Sanders was plagued by both the weather, telling reporters to “move inside,” and an errant truck, which caused her to ask reporters if she could “blame you guys” if it hit her.

Watch above, via CNN.

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