Sarah Sanders Rips Dems Over Barr Senate Hearing, House No-Show: They ‘Embarrassed Themselves’


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ripped into Democrats on Fox News for their aggressive attempts to question Attorney General Bill Barr over Robert Mueller‘s report.

Bill Hemmer spoke to Sanders on Thursday, and he started by asking if President Donald Trump has anything to do with Barr snubbing the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing today. Sanders insisted that wasn’t the case before quickly pivoting to talk about how “the Democrats embarrassed themselves” during the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The outrageous questioning that they laid out to the attorney general frankly was astonishing,” Sanders said. She also didn’t hesitate to mock House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler (D) over the fact that Barr refused to attend today’s hearing because of their disputes on the questioning format.

“There is no witness is because the Democrats saw what happened yesterday and they’ve decided they’re incapable of actually asking questions of the attorney general. I lost confidence in Jerry Nadler a long time ago. I was unaware he had lost confidence in himself and his ability to do his job – that is, to ask questions. The fact that he needs to staff that out is unbelievable. Frankly it’s pathetic. Democrats have to step up.”

When Hemmer asked why Barr chose not to show and “get it over with,” Sanders continued to accuse Democrats of “changing the rules in the middle of the game.”

“It’s completely unnecessary! It’s pathetic they can’t do their job,” Sanders said.

The interview continued with questions of whether the White House will take action in court if Barr or Don McGahn are subpoenaed into giving testimony.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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