Sarah Sanders Rips Dems Over ‘Real Collusion With Russia’: ‘Hypocrisy at the Highest Level’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is relaying Donald Trump‘s opinion that he has been vindicated on Russia after the revelations about who funded Christopher Steele‘s research against him.

The press secretary spoke to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Thursday. Sanders argued that since Fusion GPS’ dossier was reportedly funded by the DNC and Clinton campaign, its proof that Trump-Russia collusion matter really was a “witch hunt” all along.

“I think this further proves if there was anyone that was colluding with the Russians to influence the elections look no further than the Clintons and DNC,” Sanders said. “Hypocrisy at the highest level and a new low in politics. Everything the Clinton campaign and DNC were falsely accusing the president of doing the past year they were doing it themselves.”

Sanders also echoed Trump’s condemnation of the Uranium One deal with Russia, and she said that the White House expects Robert Mueller to wrap up his special counsel investigation shortly. While she insisted that the Department of Justice never told the administration about the investigation’s progress, Sanders referred to how the White House has been supposedly absolved from any wrongdoing.

“Every day we find out more details why the president has been right all along and why the Democrats have been wrong all along, and I think that each day we get closer and closer to closing the loop on our front. And sadly for the Democrats I think it’s only expanding for them.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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