Sarah Sanders Shades MAGAs Mad at Trump: ‘Conservatives That Actually Have Influence Support the President’


On Monday, Sarah Sanders took questions in a multi-function press briefing, stepping to the podium after several Trump advisers spoke on policy issues including Venezuela, the economy, and more. In one exchange, Sanders coolly dissed conservative commentators who have been critical of President Donald Trump after the shutdown ended with no wall funding.

Presumably, the particularly vocal and visible Ann Coulter was among those in the shade.

Francesa Chambers of the Daily Mail asked the press secretary broadly about the fact that a second shutdown is not off the table if no deal is reached before the next deadline.

“You’re not exactly ruling out another shut down,” she said, and asked if Sanders had any advice for federal workers and whether they should be worried that in a few weeks they’ll miss another paycheck.

Sanders’ answer to that is what led to the influence burn. “My advice would be to call your Democrat members of Congress and ask them to fix the problem so that we don’t have to continue having this process, and so that we actually secure the border and protect American citizens,” she said.

“The president tweeted over the weekend and said that he made no concessions whatsoever. But influential conservatives are saying that he made concessions in this,” said Chambers, following up on the remark about calling Democrats.

“Because [the President] originally said that he would not sign any legislation that did not include money for the border wall, And then he went ahead and did that. And granted it only keeps the government open the next three weeks, he said he wouldn’t do that either,” Chambers pressed. “So how can the president say that he made absolutely no concessions to Democrats on this legislation?”

“Because the conversations are still ongoing,” said Sanders. Using Chamber’s phrasing, Sanders delivered the burn: “I would argue that conservatives that actually have influence have supported the president throughout this process.”

She wasn’t quite done, though, attacking those who are critical by way of comparison. The conservatives that “actually” have influence, Sanders said, “believe in border security, they believe in protecting Americans, just like the president. They stand with him.” The implication obviously being that his critics do not care about those things.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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