Scarborough Calls for 25th Amendment: Trump’s Presser Show’s He’s ‘Obviously’ Not Fit for Office


The way Joe Scarborough sees it, President Donald Trump‘s rambling 90-minute press conference is all the proof the country should need to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The conversation started for Morning Joe on Thursday with a discussion on Mitt Romney‘s criticisms of Trump and what the GOP really thinks about the president’s character. Scarborough eventually connected this to Trump’s press conference by saying that “if we had a cabinet that was filled with people with more character,” or if “we had a House and a Senate that took their job seriously,” they would’ve already taken action to remove Trump from office.

“There would be people going up to the White House this morning saying, ‘Mr. President, questions abound whether you were fit for this office,” Scarborough said. “If this continues, we are going to ask your Cabinet to take a vote on whether you were fit for office and invoke the 25th Amendment.”

Scarborough went on by saying that if any of America’s past presidents behaved as Trump does, Republicans would’ve taken up an impeachment against them a long time ago.

“This is a man who obviously is not fit to hold the office, and we’ve known that for a very long time. But he keeps giving a preponderance of evidence to those members of the House and the Senate that will carry that vote. He is not fit, he is not acting fit, and he is pushing foreign policy initiatives that are actually going to do grave damage to this country, our national security and embolden and strengthen our enemy.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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