Scarborough Suggests Giuliani’s ‘Drinking Too Much’: ‘Monkey Throwing Poo Against The Wall’


Joe Scarborough ripped Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday, stating the former mayor’s extensive media tour belies the emptiness of his legal strategy to protect President Trump.

As Morning Joe looked at the negotiations between Giuliani and Robert Mueller‘s team, Joe Scarborough mocked the White House’s legal posturing by saying that the special counsel is “too smart” for Trump. He and Willie Geist continued to say that Trump will lose in court if he resists a subpoena from Mueller, and there’s a “100% chance” he incriminates himself in an extended interview.

“Does everybody on set agree with Donald Trump’s lawyer? That just because Robert Mueller is smarter than Donald Trump, or has a better education than Donald Trump, that Donald Trump’s too stupid to sit across the table from him,” Scarborough asked. “Because it seems to me, that’s what everybody is saying.”

“Rudy is not going to tell him he’s that dumb. Rudy will back him,” said Mika Brzezinski.

As the discussion continued, Mike Barnicle brought up the question of whether Giuliani is trying to help the Trump Administration drum up theater with his ongoing media tour.

Scarborough tore into that idea, saying one would give Team Trump too much credit by assuming they’ve actually got a strategy of any kind.

“Donald Trump said during the transition that Rudy Giuliani was losing it, that he was a couple of steps behind, that he was falling asleep five minutes into meetings. Everybody around Donald Trump said [Giuliani] was drinking too much. Donald Trump suggested as much. That was two years ago. And the fact that Donald Trump brought this guy in two years later despite his own reservations about him, almost two years ago, that’s not any, it’s not 3D chess. That’s not even checkers, That’s a monkey throwing poo against the wall and it doesn’t usually turn out well.”

Mika Brzezinski seemed to confirm that Trump told the pair that Giuliani was “drinking too much.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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