Scarborough Tears Into ‘Corrupt’ Barr, ‘Shameful’ McConnell Over Trump Defenses: The GOP is ‘Going Off the Cliff’


After tearing into President Donald Trump‘s cabinet on Tuesday, Joe Scarborough kept up the offensive by turning his ire towards Attorney General William Barr and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Scarborough and his colleagues used part of Morning Joe to discuss an upcoming speech McConnell is expected to give in order to declare “case closed” for the investigations into Russian collusion and Trump’s obstruction of justice. This will come amid the ongoing controversy from Barr’s handling of Mueller’s report, plus the special counsel is still a week away from testifying about the findings from his investigation.

Scarborough opined that “the lack of transparency is political death for Republicans” since many in the GOP are doing everything they can to shield Trump from Mueller’s testimony. Scarborough said Barr “wretched” Mueller’s report by twisting his words around without proper context, and now Senate Republicans are going down the same road by trying to censor the special counsel.

“We all know that the Attorney General of the United States right now is a corrupt man, is a man who doesn’t care about the rule of law, is a man who did, was desperate to get this job, wrote a memo undermining the investigation. Now for Mitch McConnell, along with Republicans, along with a lot of people who have acted honorably in the past, now to all buckle and say ‘We don’t need to hear from him’…That’s the stupidest – there’s no reason for Mueller to talk?”

Since McConnell will call for an end to the “breathless conspiracy theorizing” from the Russia investigations, Scarborough wanted to know how McConnell could dismiss it as a conspiracy when Mueller’s report and U.S. intelligence leave so many issues unresolved. He called the Senate majority leader “shameful” and said “the entire Republican Party now is going off the cliff once and for all. They’re all in for this guy.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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