Scarborough UNLEASHES on ‘Reckless as Hell’ Facebook in Brutal 8-Minute Tirade: ‘A Malignant Force Across the Globe!’


Facebook has long been a favorite target on Morning Joe. And now, Joe Scarborough is amping up the pressure on the social media giant in a big way.

In an utterly brutal eight-minute tirade Friday on Morning Joe, the MSNBC host laced into Facebook over rapidly spreading conspiracies on their platform — accusing the company of having “set up algorithms that radicalize people.” Scarborough further called for the company to be split up.

“No more socialism for [Mark] Zuckerberg,” Scarborough said. “No more protection for Facebook. They need to be thrown into the free market system. They’re a monopoly, they need to be broken up.”

He added, “Facebook is a monopoly. It controls over 50 percent of news gathering, and they are reckless as hell! There is no accountability! And they are destroying not just American democracy, they’re destroying democracy across the globe. They are actually working with tyrannical governments to help chase out freedom fighters in certain countries. They are a malignant force across the globe!”

Scarborough raised the temperature even higher by assigning the company significant blame for the Capitol riots, and accusing them of spreading misinformation about the pandemic.

“Facebook has been spreading these lies that get cops killed!” Scarborough said. “Facebook has been spreading these lies that gets the United States Capitol sacked! Facebook has been spreading these lies that get police officers bludgeoned almost to death with an American flag!

“They spread these lies. They spread the lies during the pandemic. If you have a neighbor that thinks masks spread Covid, thank Facebook for that! If you go into a store, and somebody’s crazy, and they’re like ripping up a display for masks that working class people are going to have to — thank Facebook for that! The lies are all disseminated on Facebook!”

Scarborough concluded his screed by calling for President Joe Biden’s administration to act by removing protections for Facebook against lawsuits, and by stripping away Facebook’s power to self-regulate.

“They are anti-competitive. They are anti-democratic. They are bad for America,” the host said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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